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Metaverse "Meta" is the hot Pie!

Since FB rebranded their "parent" company to Meta, the domain crowd has gone wild, creating meta brands for tech companies to launch on!

Meta domain names have been selling fast and for high ROI: $175k $149k $100k $100k $60k $53k $45k$40k $35k ...the list goes on and on!

SquareUP rebrands to

The rebrand to an .xyz domain has caused some what of a stir among domainers, some view this extension to be inferior to other extensions like the .com or .io

This rebrand is certainly good news for the owner of whose traffic has rocketed due to the publicity and people hitting up the .com apposed to .xyz which is why it's important to own your .com in addition to other extensions. Brand perception and familiarity - people automatically presume big brands own the .com The rebrand however has also been a massive boost for .xyz extension as investors ears perk up!

During 2021, 145,660 sales $100+ were recorded totalling over $171m An additional 650,993 sales below $100 were recorded totalling over $12m

2021 Domain Sales:

7 figure sales - $3.3m $3.1m $2.5m $2m $2m $2m $1.94m $1.35m $1.25m $1.15m $1m
6 figure sales - $850k $812k $792k $750k $632k $625k $600k $550k $542k $503k $450k $450k
5 figure sales - $99k $96k $96k $92k $92k $90k $89k $88k $88k $88k $87k $86k sells $55k

In what is a fabulous corporate domain upgrade upgrades to now that's one smart company founder, in a world rapidly turning digital they have secured their branding and future presence online. Brand Simplicity at its best! sells $45k

The Italian word for "News" Notizie with the global .com extension was sold by us for $45k in 2021. The domain has now been developed into a news website for the Italian market. sells $25k

.xyz market is on the rise, so much so it took us just over a week to successfully place with the perfect end user where this name will come to life as a great brand name.