Domain Name Appraisal

How do I find out how much a domain name is worth?

To find out the value of a domain name - you ask us of course - we use our industry knowledge and expertise to determine a real valuation apposed to an online algorithm making up a random figure.

What is domain name appraisal?

Domain name appraisal is accurately determining the current market value of a domain name either for purposes of selling the asset or for tax/accounting reasons. Domain names are balance sheet assets within a company and can hold significant value

Why use

Because we are HUMAN and not an algorithm making up a random number disguised under technical terms - 99% of online valuation tools are literally useless and have no backbone

What's included in the appraisal?

We provide an honest valuation along with a report on how we came to said figure along with relevant data related to the domain name - discounted % on brokerage of the domain if you decide to sell the domain. *we are not obliged to accept the domain under brokerage if it does not meet our brokerage criteria

Domain Appraisal

Some domain names sell for 5/8 figures regularly - are you sat on a golden name? Let's find out!